Automatic Brake of Toyota’s New ‘RAV4’ Supports Nighttime Pedestrians

Toyota fully remodeled the “RAV4” mid-sized SUV (sport utility vehicle) comes with “Toyota Safety Sense (second generation): TSS2,” the company’s latest preventive safety system, and its automatic brake supports nighttime pedestrians.

Toyota has already applied the TSS2 to the “Alphard/Vellfire” high-class minivan, “Corolla Sport” mid-size hatchback and “Crown” high-class sedan and made their automatic brakes support nighttime pedestrians. The new RAV4 is its fourth vehicle whose automatic brake supports nighttime pedestrians.

The TSS2 detects mainly nighttime pedestrians with a monocular camera attached to the interior side of the upper part of the windshield. Also, it uses data collected by a milliwave radar device attached to the inner side of the front grille.

The monocular camera and milliwave radar device are manufactured by Denso Corp.

The TSS2 using Denso’s camera and milliwave radar device scored the highest mark in the latest automatic brake test of JNCAP (automobile assessment in Japan). The test was targeted at nighttime pedestrians. So, its performance of the detection of nighttime pedestrians is higher than those of other companies’ systems.

Moreover, the TSS2 comes with the “Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)” function supporting all vehicle speeds and the “LTA (lane tracing assist)” function, which helps keep traveling in the center of a lane at the time of using the ACC.

The LTA detects the right and left lines with the monocular camera and automatically controls the steering so that the vehicle can travel in the center of the lane. It is a step more advanced than “lane departure prevention,” which prevents the vehicle from departing from the lane.

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