A Cruelty-Free Circus Via Holograms

At the same time many consumers are taking a stand against activities and attractions that involve animal cruelty, zoos are giving way to animal sanctuaries, aquariums are going high-tech and fish-free, and decades-old circuses are drawing crowds with cruelty-free circus attractions.

Germany’s Circus Roncalli sets itself apart as a group in the latter category, as it is the first of its kind in the world to replace the use of live circus animals with holograms instead.

With 11 projectors, lasers and lenses, the circus troupe produces incredible recreations of elephants, horses and monkeys that are all the more captivating thanks to the technology they are created with.

The mesmerizing holographic circus show sets a precedent for entertainment of the future and paves the way for other attractions that rely on real animals to follow suit.

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