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For lovers of science and technology with an emphasis on innovations, a new app on the scene promises to keep them in-the-know through ready access to what’s “grendzing” around the world. Grendzing?

Yes, grendzing. It’s a verb that the creators of the Grendz app say is starting to catch on with their growing following of individuals who want a one-stop-shop of sorts to learn about tech trends, science breakthroughs and cutting-edge innovations with the potential to positively impact quality of life. The app, which launched in the end of May, includes news and features in a variety of categories, including: AI, Robots, Fin-Tech, Renewable Energy and Clean Tech, Environmental technology, Emerging technologies & Science Innovations; and more.

The app also includes a Community feature where users can share news of potentially game-changing breakthroughs before the general public, or even news media, hear.

Grendz is the brainchild of Fullcircle innovations, a start-up from Tokyo that’s mission is “to wisely develop and promote technological innovations in favor of a better and fair-minded planet.” It’s team of researchers tracks science and technology developments around the world, especially in its home continent of Asia.

“We had science nerds and techies like ourselves in mind when we developed this app. We wanted to corral all the groundbreaking innovations specific to technology and science in one place. We want people to think about Grendz as the world first techie trends app” explained Flavio Souza, Fullcircle Innovations founder and CEO. “With Grendz, the emphasis is on keeping our audience up to speed on positive innovations that inspire them to effect meaningful change in their own way.”

The app is available for iOS in the Apple Store or for Android at Google Play. The Grendz app gives users access to its info “pins” and it’s an ad-free experience. The app has easily-legible text, eye-catching imagery, and intuitive navigation that has helped it earn a perfect 5-star rating among users who posted a review so far.

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