This wireless thermometer pings your smartphone when your food is ready.

Imagine being able to say things like “Hey, I’ll be back, my Beef Sirloin is calling me on my phone”. As weird as that sentence sounds, just imagine if your food could send you an alert on your phone when it’s ready.

That’s the culinary dream the ECPIN is chasing. With the promise to provide you with perfectly grilled/seared/barbecued food every single time, the wireless thermometer lets you set a desired temperature on your smartphone, and will give you an alert when your food reaches the preset temperatures.

Rather than leaving you to guess where your food is in the cooking process, ECPIN lets you check your food’s internal temperature in realtime, giving you the ability to know exactly when to take it off the heat, giving you perfectly prepared meals every time.

Designed to be wireless and smart, the ECPIN works for 4 hours on a full battery, and can charge in under 2 minutes using its specialized wireless charging case. It pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth, sending meat-status information in realtime, while also timing your cook.

The app lets you use multiple ECPINs simultaneously based on the culinary preferences of multiple people, and will systematically ping you to tell you which meal is cooked to perfection and ready to serve. When you’ve impressed everyone with your masterchef skills, the ECPIN can easily be washed under a running faucet or placed in the dishwasher.


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