New 3D-Printed Shoes Studio

Ica & Kostika recently launched a new 3D printing studio and its Mycelium Shoe is the first release to showcase the brand’s new unique take on computational design.

The new studio was founded on the principle of using new manufacturing tactics to produce footwear and this first expression showcases this idea beautifully.

The use of 3D printing allows the shoe to be entirely custom-fit, combining striking design elements that are unique to this 3D printing process.

To create the shoe and offer a customizable fit, the Mycelium Shoe requires future wearers to download an app and upload a series of photos of their feet.

From there, an algorithm creates a 3D sketch that allows for sizing improvements before full 3D printing and finishing the shoe with automotive-grade technologies.

The Mycelium Shoe will be limited to only five pairs and will be part of a collection entitled Exobiology.

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