The UNIQLO Sustainability Program Collects Unused Clothing

The UNIQLO Sustainability program makes use of clothing that is no longer of use to its owners. The pieces are collected at GU and Uniqlo store locations, working in collaboration with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and additional partners and NGOs.

The apparel collected will be distributed to those who need it globally, including refugees and disaster victims. If there are clothing items that are unwearable, it takes a different route, turning it into refuse paper and plastic fuel pellets.

The program requires the donated items to be clean and in good condition and does not have any personal belongings that are not meant for donation. It goes through a four-step process, starting off with collecting the items before reaching the separation phase, then the sorting phase, which puts the items in 18 categories of seasonal, gender, sizing, and more.

The final phase is the delivery, which is based on different needs, religious, culture, and climate.

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