Samsung, Hyundai, LG use YouTube as recruitment tool

South Korean conglomerates are rushing to release videos introducing job descriptions or daily work routines of their employees to strengthen communication with jobseekers.

Companies like Samsung Group, Hyundai Motor Group and LG Group are concentrating on producing videos to better communicate with jobseekers who are more familiar with videos than text.

They added the purpose of creating videos is also aimed at improving their corporate images among consumers.

Samsung Electronics has been releasing a series of promotional videos on YouTube, showing how its employees spend their time at work, what kinds of products they are producing and the latest industry trends.

In a recent video by Samsung, a semiconductor engineer showed his daily work routine. The engineer showcased his work environment and tried to interview his peer engineers about how they spend their team’s daily budget.

Samsung’s semiconductor business is known for its tight security, but the engineer tried to show as many aspects as possible about his workplace, displaying how he changed into specially designed protective wear for people working in cleanrooms where semiconductors are fabricated.

A Samsung official said the videos have been received well both by company workers and by the public.

“Through the series of videos, we wanted to share the daily work routine of our semiconductor engineers with not only jobseekers but also our consumers,” the official said, adding the company is planning to post these kinds of videos on a regular basis.

Samsung Group’s other affiliates including Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics and Cheil Worldwide have been using YouTube to share job experiences and job skills of their employees.

Hyundai Motor Group, which decided recently to hire jobseekers year-round in favor of its longstanding massive hiring system, also posted a YouTube video featuring two human resource managers of the automaker. In the video, the HR managers explain its new recruitment system and the process.

An LG Group employee also posted a series of YouTube videos showing her daily routine at LG Science Park, LG Group’s massive research campus in western Seoul. The five-minute-long videos have been well-received by the public, garnering some 150,000 hits.

CJ Group, a food and entertainment conglomerate, has been posting a series of videos on YouTube since October 2018. Unlike other companies, CJ has been offering English versions of job description videos or videos with English subtitles since March as the group is increasing overseas recruitment.

Hanwha Group also unveiled the daily routines of employees in Hanwha Life Insurance, Hanwha Galleria Timeworld and Hanwha Engineering and Construction on its YouTube channel.

An industry official added using YouTube or other video streaming websites is more cost-effective than holding a recruitment fair.

“Many companies are rushing to start their YouTube accounts to post videos promoting themselves. They used to hold recruitment fairs on a regular basis by visiting universities. But they can save time and money by posting videos on YouTube,” the official said.

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