• $110

Tispy2, a handheld gadget designed to measure the alcohol content of your breath and even offer advice on your consumption.

Just breathe on its receptor sensor to get a reading, which is then logged as part of your personal drinking data. It’s equipped with a Wi-Fi-enabled SD memory card, so information on drinking habits can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet.

The more the Tispy2 is used, the more personalized advice it can give via its LED display.

This includes reminders, such as times when you should drink more water, as well as observations, like a gentle warning when you’re knocking back a few glasses particularly fast.

There is also a guest mode, should you want to spot-check your companion’s alcohol level, and it supports Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.

Powered by two AAA batteries, and compatible with rechargeable batteries, the Tispy2 looks a little like a perfume bottle and can be reserved on the crowdfunding site Makuake from ¥13,500.

Clearly more people are becoming health-conscious about their drinking habits since the Tispy2 has already raised three times its original Makuake goal.

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