A wearable radiation detector

The Kromek D3S ID RIID gamma neutron detector is a device for first responders that will provide them with a way to keep an eye out for radioactive material or substances for advanced security measures.

Designed to detect radiological threats like dirty bombs, radioactive contamination, smuggling of radioactive substances and radiation at the scene of an accident or terrorist attack.

The D3S ID wearable RIID gamma neutron detector turns anyone into a radiation warning system that is hard to avoid and can go anywhere a terrorist or smuggler can.

The wearable device works by being worn on the body or concealed and will go to work identifying when radioisotopes and neutrons are nearby in seconds.

The small size of the device allows security personnel and first reconsiders to easily identify potential risks or smuggling to keep areas more secure than ever from potential accidents.

The Kromek D3S ID RIID gamma neutron detector boasts a Bluetooth connection that will keep it in contact with the user’s smartphone for addition information. 12 hours of battery life will provide ample monitoring power for those working shifts.

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