The Seinfeld LEGO Set Celebrates the Show’s 30th Anniversary

The Seinfeld LEGO Set has been created by LEGO Ideas creator Brent Waller as a detailed building block kit that celebrates the upcoming 30th anniversary of the iconic sitcom.

The kit would include five minifigs in total to represent the four main characters — Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer — as well as Newman. The set would consist of around 900 LEGO pieces and would recreate the set of Jerry’s apartment where much of the sitcom played out for a total of nine seasons.

The Seinfeld LEGO Set has been designed by Waller and posted to the LEGO Ideas site where avid supporters can pledge their interest in order to get it noticed by the brand for mass production.

Just hope they make a greener version of it in the future.

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