Light-transmitting Artificial Leather Coming Up Next

A Japanese company prototyped two interior parts that show images of a display by utilizing the Milastomer, which transmits light.

The Milastomer is an olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPV), which is made by combining polypropylene (PP) with olefin-based rubber. It has a good balance among long-term durability, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and luster.

One of the applications that Mitsui Chemicals is proposing is an armrest. The armrest was co-developed with Arm (a firm based in Osaka City). It was made by placing a transparent urethane-based base material having the shape of an armrest on a small projector, mounting a touch panel and covering it with the Milastomer.

A white sheet-like Milastomer was used to form leather-like grains on the surface. Its thickness was reduced so that light of the small projector can easily pass through it.

A control panel is displayed on the armrest by using light of the small projector. It contains a touch panel and enables to control an air conditioner, audio devices, etc.

The armrest has been developed for proposing a new added value to transportation vehicles.

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