Enhancing work efficiency with AI

Hyundai Mobis (a South Korean company) is enhancing work efficiency by adopting information and communication technology (ICT) such as artificial intelligence (AI).

The company, which has been focusing on promising businesses such as self-driving and connectivity technologies, has been innovating its way of working, actively utilizing AI technology.

In early 2018, it established a new department dedicated to developing measures to improve work efficiency. As a result, Hyundai Mobis employees are using AI technology-based chatbot service Mobis AI Robot (MAIBOT).

“While the employees had to take several steps to search and share more than 10 million internal corporate documents, they now can easily access to the documents using the MAIBOT service,” the company said.

Hyundai Mobis also launched an office support application for its smart devices so that its employees can resolve different kinds of company affairs such as applying for business trips or employee welfare programs through their smartphones.

To help its employees focus on their jobs, its Yongin Tech Center established an interpretation and translation center.

For its manufacturing plant in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province, Hyundai Mobis developed its own algorithm that can analyze changes in demand for about 2.7 million car components.

The company also started the test operation of its “smart office” system in June as some of its offices removed partitions and let its employees move around freely.

Hyundai Mobis said these changes are aiming to improve work efficiency and work-life balance.

“As the country introduced the 52-workhour system and flexible working hours, we have been focusing on the work efficiency of our employees. We believe this will also help them achieve a work-life balance,” the company said.

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