Fujitsu develops user interface device to sense sound with body

Fujitsu has launched a service supporting sports and cultural events using Ontenna, a device that lets users sense sound with their bodies.

The company said it is providing a free trial version of Ontenna for schools for the deaf.

The trial is being conducted in 30 schools, with the goal of encouraging the use of this device in day-to-day education for deaf students.

Developed in collaboration with members of the deaf and hearing impaired community, Ontenna is a user interface device that can be equipped to users in various ways – worn like a hair pin or attached to the shirt collar-, letting them sense sound characteristics through vibration and light.

The manufacturer of Ontenna, Fujitsu plans to develop enterprise businesses using Ontenna and begin sales to individual consumers via e-commerce sites, in July 2019.

Fujitsu said Ontenna can convert sound vibration patterns from an audio source between approximately 60 and 90 dB to 256 levels of vibration and light strength. In addition, by delivering specific sounds at sports competitions and events with more dynamic vibration and light, Ontenna can convey the ambiance and a sense of unity among the audience, increasing the value of the experience.

Because Ontenna is not reliant on language, it can also provide a new way of attending events regardless of disability or nationality.

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