3D Printed Meals for the Elderly

Meals for the elderly that are easy to chew and swallow are not often visually appetizing but Swedish municipalities are planning to change this by introducing 3D-printed meals to senior care homes.

With the aid of additive manufacturing, meals are set to be both easy to consume and interesting to look at.

As part of this project, 3D printing technology will be used to replicate the original forms of food items like sausages or fillets of fish.

Today, purified broccoli and chicken are served by the slab but this initiative will take the presentation of food into account. According to Richard Asplund, head of the catering department at Halmstad municipality, “It will look like a chicken leg, but you could compare the consistency to pannacotta.”

The first trial meals are set to be served in select parts of Sweden by the end of the year, with the possibility for recipes to be adapted to meet the individual dietary needs or preferences of the elderly.

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