Clip-on blue-light-cut PC glasses

These new lines of clip-on blue-light-cut PC glasses, “ECLEAR,” from Elecom, can be worn over your prescription eyeglasses.

The LED-backlit LCD display screen of PCs, tablet PCs and smartphones emits different types of radiation and blue light is one of them. Exposure to blue light largely contributes to the eye strain and dry eyes you may experience after spending long hours in front of digital devices. It is said that blue light is able to pass the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye without being absorbed, and can end up reaching the retina, which can cause the retina to deteriorate, resulting in possible symptoms, such as eye strain, dry eyes and possibly even headaches.

The ECLEAR blue-light-cut PC glasses are a clip-on type that easily clips onto the eyeglasses you wear every day. Not only can they protect your eyes from blue light ray, but they are also so light and secure that you almost forget you are wearing them. Just squeeze the bridge part with a little button to open up the two stopper legs so that you can put your regular eyeglasses between them. When not in use, they can be removed just as easy. The product comes with a dedicated slim hard case for conveniently keeping them in your bag.

The three series are divided into two types, ‘standard’ and ‘super-absorption’, based on the blue-light-cut rate, so you can choose the best ones depending on the use.

G-BUB-C01BK series is a standard type with brown lenses which block approx. 50 % of blue light, and ‘G-BUB-C01BK series’ is also a standard type with grey lenses which block approx. 47 % blue light.

G-BUB-C02BK series is a super-absorption type that offers blue light cut rate of approx. 72%, which is far beyond what the conventional PC glasses could offer. For its ability to extensively block blue light, this super-absorption model is perfect for DTP operators, day traders, programmers, telephone operators and others who have to stare at displays for long hours.

All series are available in three different sizes, S, M and L, to accommodate different size eyeglasses.

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