SHPI – Open Smart Home Interface

We love smart homes. You probably too … But why do we need to buy so many smart devices?

Gateways, hubs, thermostats, motion detectors, air quality sensors, surveillance and security systems, voice assistants, intercoms, smart meters, light and shutter switches

It’s a huge waste of resources, time and money.

SHPI is an all-in-one integrated smart home device with over 14 features. The AI home device boasts open source software that allows users to change backgrounds, air quality and can detect motion.

SHPI does not require any external server or gateway and functions using Linux. The integrated smart home device boasts high-reliability thanks to multiple microprocessors. Moreover, the multi-functional device is able to control room temperatures and lights, with a built-in thermostat. In addition, the device boasts a humidity sensor and an infrared thermal sensor. The surveillance monitor functions as an alarm system and includes an intercom.

SHPI is the perfect gateway for all your smart devices and includes a speaker picture display that also functions as a schedule display.

Available on Kickstarter

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