The NHS Will Give Medical Advice Via Amazon Alexa

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is stepping into a partnership with Amazon that will allow the organization to give medical advice via the Alexa voice assistant.

Starting this week, the NHS has announced that you will be able to receive health advice directly from your Amazon Alexa device. This will include questions such as “Alexa, how do I treat a migraine?” and “Alexa, what are the symptoms of flu?”

The goal of the NHS is to give medical advice to people as soon as they need it and a voice assistant is even faster than a Google search. Though the health advice is useful for anyone, the collaboration between the NHS and Amazon is particularly important for the elderly, the visually impaired, and anyone who might otherwise have trouble finding medical information on the web. As the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care explained, “Through the NHS Long Term Plan, we want to embrace the advances in technology to build a health and care system that is fit for the future.”

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