The Next Evolution of the Blow Dry: Rev Air

RevAir is not your mother’s blow dryer! The “rev” in RevAir stands for “reverse,” but it might as well be “revolutionary,” as this modern hair dryer will change everything you think you know about hair care.

RevAir offers a completely different way for people with all different types of hair to dry their hair using a tool powered by suction drying. Rather than blowing hot air, RevAir’s innovative reverse-air hair dryer uses only minimal heat and flowing suction to rapidly dry and straighten hair in a way that’s said to be “three times faster than conventional styling.”

Achieving a silky smooth finish when blow drying one’s hair typically requires the use of a brush to smooth through the strands but RevAir’s revolutionary system frees up one’s hand, as no brush is needed. The time-saving system helps to smooth the cuticles for hair that’s irresistibly soft.

Vacuum-like functions are now being integrated into a range of unexpected products, especially when it comes to self-care and grooming.

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