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Olympus Air AO1 goes retro in a futuristic way

The Olympus Air A01 was designed to turn any smart phone into a high-quality camera, and its advantage over other digital cameras is its small size — basically it looks like a lens. If you’re bored of how it looks, however, this fun DIY cardboard makeover kit can turn it into a completely different style of camera.

Designed by Yuri Suzuki to work with Dentaku’s Ototo — a mini synthesizer kit that allows users to turn anything into a musical instrument — the Olympus Air AO1 DIY kit has four templates, which can be downloaded for free or bought ready cut in stiff cardboard. There’s a simple Canvas style, which holds the phone inside; the Instant Camera, which looks a bit like an a retro Polaroid; a Twin Lens, which looks like a twin-lens reflex camera and takes shots from below; and the 3-D Stereoscope that works like virtual reality goggles when used with a 3-D lens.

They all function without the Ototo, but with it, it’s even more fun. The Ototo will let you connect the phone to almost anything and turn it into the shutter and recording button or exposure control. Watch the video for an idea of what you can do.

The ready-cut DIY kit of templates is £15 (¥2,900) and with the Ototo £79 (¥15,320).

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