How do you jog on a treadmill in space?

How do you lift weights in a zero-gravity atmosphere? Exercising in outer space sounds like a rather strange problem because there isn’t much you can do that’s effort intensive, only because things are rather effortless in a situation without gravity!

The answer to how astronauts exercise in space is ‘friction training’. An astronaut’s physical fitness is paramount to the success of a space mission, and exercise equipment can often be bulky, occupying precious space in a rocket pod.

Gyms built for space are often incredibly compact, multi-purpose pieces of equipment that use inertial technology to work your muscles, giving you the perfect workout with a decreased chance of injury.

Friction training can be used down here on earth too. It’s efficient, and allows you to perform concentric and eccentric workouts with minimal risk of strain… and it has the ability to be compact enough to carry around in your hand.

Meet the Handy Gym. It isn’t a piece of equipment, it’s an entire gym that is capable of exercising every part of your body. Developed using NASA’s isoinertial technology, Handy Gym gives you access to one of the most scientifically backed workout methods of all time.

After all, if it’s good enough for the international space station, it’s good enough for earth, right?

The Handy Gym uses a pulley system and two solid steel inertial discs. Multiple accessories allow you to work different body parts, exercising your arms, legs, core, allowing you to stay fit, bulk up, lose weight, or even recover from injuries. Handy Gym is small enough to fit into a suitcase with the rest of your clothes, or in your dressing room drawer, to be used any time you want to work out.

It weighs approximately 2 pounds too, so you can carry it anywhere you please. Designed for an effective, and more importantly safe workout, the Handy Gym packs a Bluetooth module too that lets you track your progress as you exercise, while the app even guides you through using the tiny multi-purpose device to work all parts of your body. Designed for three level of intensities, the Handy Gym comes with a choice of three steel discs ranging from low to medium and high power, while its set of accessories ensure that you get the entire gym experience in a deceptively small product that was designed to be quite literally out of this world!

In resume: Perform strength training exercises anywhere, anytime with this conical pulley device with NASA-based inertial technology

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