LG’s dual-screen V50 shines amid delayed Galaxy Fold launch

LG Electronics’ dual-screen V50 ThinQ 5G has been gaining steady popularity without much fanfare, while the launch of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Fold has been delayed, industry officials said Thursday.

Samsung originally planned to release the foldable smartphone in the United States in April and in Korea in May, but has postponed the launch to fix hardware issues after tech reviewers in the United States claimed they found flaws in the main display of the foldable smartphone. The company announced Thursday that the new phone will hit the market in September.

Industry officials estimate that LG Electronics in the meantime has sold more than 350,000 duel-screen phones here since May 10 when the company launched its first smartphone supporting fifth-generation network technology.

An LG Electronics official also said, “Sales of the V50 ThinQ 5G have been increasing twice as fast as when our first LTE smartphone was launched.”

Growing popularity of the V50 ThinQ 5G is notable, given that it did not come into the spotlight at the beginning because the Galaxy Fold was attracting more attention in the market and drawing praise for its innovativeness.

But the situation has changed amid the delayed launch of the Galaxy Fold.

The V50 ThinQ 5G, which satisfies demand for a smartphone with a bigger screen to some extent, is now cited as an alternative choice for customers waiting for a foldable phone.

LG developed a Dual Screen as an optional accessory for the LG V50 ThinQ 5G, designed to resemble a cover case, to take user immersion and convenience to new heights.

Dual Screen opens up to give V50 ThinQ 5G users a second 6.2-inch OLED display for double the viewing, gaming and multitasking experience, the firm said.

In an apparent bid to promote the strengths of it product, LG Electronics hosted a game festival at the Lotte World amusement park in Jamsil, southern Seoul, for two days from Saturday, calling on visitors to enjoy playing games with the V50 ThinQ.

The company said the event was designed to promote the exceptional performance of the V50 ThinQ and the convenience of the Dual Screen.

Major game companies such as Netmarble, Nexon and Epic Games participated in the event, installing game experience zones.

Visitors were also allowed to enjoy various 5G services such as virtual reality and augmented reality content.

“We will continue to prepare a variety of events so more users can experience the convenience of our dual-screen smartphone,” said Oh Seung-jin who is in charge of the mobile marketing unit at LG Electronics.

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