LG Chem to supply ESS battery for wind power plant

LG Chem, the South Korea’s leading chemical product and materials provider, has won a battery supply deal for the world’s largest energy storage system (ESS) at a wind power plant in Korea.

Under the contract with domestic power generation company GS E&R, LG Chem will provide batteries for the plant in Yeongyang, North Gyeongsang Province.

“The technological cooperation with the nation’s top wind power production company, GS E&R, is meaningful as we will supply batteries for the world’s largest wind power generation ESS,” Kwon Young-soo, LG Chem’s energy solution company president, said Tuesday. “As the domestic ESS market is expected to grow, we will grasp leadership in this sector.”

The ESS will stabilize the plant’s output ― which can vary because of weather ― and send it to the national grid. It will have 50 megawatts-per-hour capacity, which can supply 5,000 four-member households a day. This is the largest capacity of a single ESS in the world, the company said.

The Yeongyang plant has been in commercial operation since September. GS E&R has agreed to use LG Chem’s ESS equipment in future plants, cementing a long-term partnership.

“The Yeongyang wind power plant has become a dramatically improved facility thanks to the ESS made with the latest technologies,” an official at GS E&R said. “We expect that our know-how in power plant development and management and LG Chem’s leading battery supply capability will generate a synergy effect.”

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