The ‘MetaFly’ Drone Features Synthetic Wings Inspired by Nature

The ‘MetaFly’ drone is a completely revolutionary piece of flying technology that draws design inspiration from nature to provide hobbyists with a biometric experience.

Designed by Edwin Van Ruymbeke, the drone is capable of flying with a similar level of precision as a bird thanks to the synthetic wings it boasts on either side of the unit. This allows the drone to be flown indoors and can expertly navigate past obstacles and even withstand impact to make it inherently crash-proof.

The ‘MetaFly’ drone can reach speeds of up to 11mph, operates within 320 feet of the user, has a flight time of eight minutes per charge and can be recharged in just 12 minutes.

The drone speaks to the integration of biometric design in the technology industry as designers seek to balance natural aesthetics with futuristic solutions.

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