‘Zero-emission’ Ship Powered Only by Battery

Oshima Shipbuilding Co Ltd (Saikai City, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan) built an “automatic ship powered only by a battery”.

The ship, “e-Oshima,” is a “zero-emission ship” that uses a storage battery not only to provide a driving power but also supply power to communication/navigation/wireless devices, lighting equipment, air-conditioning systems and all the other devices used at the time of sailing.

The propulsion system of the ship uses GS Yuasa Corp’s large-capacity lithium-ion (Li-ion) storage battery as a main power-supply device and includes a control device that protects the Li-ion battery in multiple ways. The nominal voltage and rated capacity of the system are 622V and 590kWh (14 modules connected in series x 10 modules connected in parallel x 2, each module consists of 12 cells), respectively.

By employing a next-generation IoT technology, an automatic steering system that enables automatic evading navigation to prevent collisions and stranding was introduced.

The maximum capacity of the ship is 50 people, and the ship can carry a large-size bus and four passenger cars at the same time. Its length and weight are 35m and 340t, respectively.

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