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The Fuell Fluid – The most efficient e-nike of all time.

Erik Buell is a pretty common name in the motorbike circuit. Best known for founding Buell Motorbikes, a trueblue American motorcycle company that made some incredible café racers before being acquired by Harley Davidson, Buell soon shifted his attention to the future i.e., electric automobiles.

Buell’s latest electric-forward company, Fuell, is part wordplay, part sardonicism, and complete visual and engineering bliss.

The Fuell Fluid is the company’s second ever EV after the Flow, an urban-conscious electric motorbike with a 125 mile range. Made, like the Flow, for urban mobility, the Fluid is an electric pedal-assist bike with the longest range in its category. Engineered by Erik Buell himself, and co-designed with the talented Belarus-based transportation designer Artem Smirnov, Fluid is every bit a beautiful, sleek, premium e-bike.

Ensconced in a matte metallic and black body with subtle acid-green accents really making the bike stand out, Fluid is dominated by straight, robust lines that give it both visual and structural stability brought about by the custom aluminum alloy used to craft the frame.

The e-bike has rear-wheel-fitted motor exclusive to Fuell, which provides 100Nm of torque to assist your pedaling, getting you further with lesser effort, while a carbon belt fitted on a Shimano Alfine 8-gear hub and Pirelli tires make Fluid practically one of the most spec’d out pedal-assist bicycles on the market.

The Fluid comes not with one, but two removable batteries that sit on the e-bike’s thick top-tube, giving it a total capacity of 1008Wh… enough to power the bike as well as charge your phone while riding it. The batteries secure into the bike’s frame via lock-and-key, so only you can remove them when you need to charge them. Charging takes roughly 2.5 hours to hit 80%, making the detachable battery easy to carry back home and charge overnight.

Fluid also packs an IPS screen for a dashboard that shows you your speed, battery level, and pedal-assistance level. It even packs anti-theft features including an on-screen PIN unlock, an optional foldable manual lock, and an optional GPS tracker (the GPS is just available to EU backers for now).

Available in two variants, Fluid 1 and 1S, the bike offers two max speeds of 20mph and 28mph, tailor-made to the regions the bike will ship to.

Designed and engineered under the expertise of Erik Buell himself, the Fuell Flow provides perhaps one of the finest e-bike experiences money has to offer. After all, the man has over 40 years of experience and hundreds of motorbikes to his credit.

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