Air Conditioner Spays Ultra-fine Mist

Panasonic Corp’s “Green Air Conditioner,” which cools ambient air by using mist with an average particle size of 10μm, appeared in the Shinbashi SL Square at the Shinbashi Station in Tokyo, Japan.

With one unit of the Green Air Conditioner, about 15 people can cool off, the company said.

The Green Air Conditioner mixes (1) ultra-fine mist called “Silky Fan Mist” and (2) compressed air and sprays it. As a result, water drops are attached to human body surfaces. When the water drops are vaporizing, they lower the body temperature, realizing a “pseudo perspiration effect.”

Moreover, the size of the water drops is 1/2 to 1/3 that of common mist. So, the water drops easily evaporate and have the “evaporative cooling effect,” which draws heat from air and cools the space.

By combining the pseudo perspiration effect and evaporative cooling effect, in a sun-heated outdoor space with a temperature of 40°C, it is about twice as efficient as common air conditioners using heat pumps.

To mix air and water in an optimal condition, the “two-fluid mist nozzle,” a structure developed by Panasonic, was employed. Moreover, by using a tornado-type air flow, it became possible to spray mist in a wider area, enabling the air conditioner to cool about 15 people.

The control part of the Green Air Conditioner has a communication function. It can obtain weather information via the internet and use it for control, remote monitoring, etc.

In recent years, due to heat island phenomenon, the average temperature of urban areas rose by 2-3°C in the past 100 years. As a result, health problems such as heatstroke and impacts on economic activities became issues. At the Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Games, which will take place in 2020, high-temperature, high-humidity summer in Japan is expected to be a problem for athletes and spectators.

Panasonic announced the “Green Air Conditioner Flex,” which does not require a large-scale construction work, June 25, 2019. The company plans to release it in September 2019. The reference price of the product is about ¥1.5 million (approx US$13,920), excluding an installation cost.

The Green Air Conditioner Flex consists of a (1) device box housing a control part and driving part and (2) nozzle unit for spraying mist. It enables to use plastic pipes, which can be relatively freely placed, and can be installed for existing structures, Panasonic said. It is targeted at public facilities such as stadiums.

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