BulletTrain 2.0

The rapid growth of technological advancements sees our everyday world drastically change in quality and characteristic. whether it be drones, solar energy or the evolution of vehicle design, technology’s integration into cities, oceans and the planet overall changes the face of our daily experience.

Digital artist evgeny kazantsev foresees the synthesis of the future with real world locations and objects of our time. the artist finds a seamless and realistic way to imagine everyday places helped, not hindered, by the fictional technologies that may pierce our lives in the coming years. feats of engineering allow construction-scale drones to deliver shipping containers to cargo watercraft; architectural innovation offer the development of structures on the surface of the moon; huge aircraft are envisioned with the ability to transport more people than previously imagined. the series is not an expression of a dystopian landscape, plagued by the negative infiltration of robotics, electronics and computers; rather ‘past in the future’ envisions promising ideas for the inevitable assimilation of humans and advanced technologies.

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