The Hover-Way Sprinter

The Hover-Way Sprinter compact electric eBike is an eco-friendly transportation solution that aims to deliver exceptional versatility for urban commuters.

Free of pedals, the bike features a 350 watt motor that will provide smooth riding capabilities and a top speed of 12mph.

Riders can travel for up to 12 miles before needing to recharge, which will suit the needs of many urban consumers who need a way to perform short-distance commute or the last mile of a journey. The handlebar throttle keeps riders in control of the speed, while built-in cruise control functionality will help with longer distance rides.

The Hover-Way Sprinter compact electric eBike weighs in at just 38.8 pounds, features dual-end LEDs for visibility and boasts a built-in charger to let riders power up wherever they go.

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