A Radio-Frequency Skincare Gadget

Pollogen’s TriPollar Stop recently received FDA clearance, setting the handheld device apart as one of the few gadgets approved for at-home use with clinically proven, patented RF technology.

The anti-aging device is useful for diminishing visible signs of aging on the face and neck by reducing lines and wrinkles, all the while enhancing the strength of skin, as well as its texture and elasticity.

The skincare gadget makes the most of triple-axis radiofrequency waves to promote the production of youthfulness-boosting collagen and elastin fibers, which naturally diminish over time.

As well as promising immediate results, Pollogen notes that the benefits can be maintained with regular use of the safe, effective and easy-to-use at-home skincare device.

The device is suitable for all skin types and colors and is best used after the face has been cleansed and prepared with gel.

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