The Conceptual ‘Radryer’ Dries Hands, Purifies the Air and More

The conceptual ‘Radryer’ hand dryer is a multifunctional appliance for public washrooms that would help to maximize efficiency and eliminate the need for multiple solutions.

Designed by Jinyoung Noh, the unit features a top section for placing hands to quickly wick away moisture, while a built-in UVC LED performs sterilization to ensure optimal sanitization.

The wall-mounted unit saves space by being positioned up and away from flooring, and also works to keep the washroom as comfortable as possible thanks to a heating functionality that can be activated in the winter months.

The system is rounded off with air purifier functionality to keep contaminants out of the air and keep the space smelling fresh.

The design of the conceptual ‘Radryer’ hand dryer maintains a modern aesthetic without looking too futuristic to make it suitable for implementation in any public washroom.

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