• $17

These Sunglasses are Bendable and Offer GPS Tracking

The Wolt’s eyewear collection is ultra-versatile and utilitarian. The sunglasses boast a foldable structure to ensure you can compactly fold your shades to fit into your shirt pocket, trousers, wallet, or purse.

Moreover, the sunglasses feature a Bluetooth GPS tracker that’s compatible with your smartphone app to prevent you from losing your sunglasses.

The battery can last up to two years before requiring charing and fits securely into the sunglasses case.

The Wolt’s ultra-chic sunglass line is perfect for consumers looking to invest in a durable and longlasting pair of shades. The collection includes multiple styles that will become a staple in any wardrobe. Consumers can now pre-order their favorite style of shades from Kickstarter from as little as $17 USD.

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