The GoPro Hero 8 Appears to Be Fitted with Different Accessories

The upcoming GoPro Hero 8 and Max 360 cameras were recently revealed by tech industry insiders. It was also indicated that the GoPro Hero 8 could be released sometime in September.

Through the photos in a leak, it appears that the camera has been fitted with new capabilities. The camera appears to have an external microphone and LED lights well as an additional screen.

The new Max 360 Camera model form GoPro will be the first 360 camera that the company has created since 2017 when the company created the GoPro Fusion 360.

Though GoPro was one of the first companies to create a wearable camera, it now faces more competition from other organizations. Adding accessories to its camera could be an effort to differentiate its device from other wearable cameras that are also on the market.

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