The First Commercial Volocopter Air Taxi Was Recently Unveiled

The Volocopter air taxi was recently unveiled, and it will the company’s initial aircraft intended for commercial use. The Volocopter air taxi has been titled the VoloCity and it is the fourth eVOLT that was created by the company.

However, the first three models were only intended to be used as demonstration aircrafts.

The VoloCity has 18 rotors and will have a range of 35KM.

The aircraft’s top seed is approximately 70 mph and will be able to hold two people as well as cargo.

The aircraft was carefully crafted in order to comply with the safety standards of the European Aviation Saftey Agency. Notably, a stabilizer was added to the design, which will improve flight balance.

The company now looks to create the infrastructure needed for the aircraft.

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