Eco-friendly modern urban village to be built in the heart of Tokyo by 2023

Although concrete jungle Tokyo has pockets of nature scattered throughout its skyscraper-filled districts, property developers often find it a challenge to strike a balance between urban and nature.

Mori Building does a great job of that, however, often striving to incorporate elements of nature into their architecture, creating iconic complexes like Roppongi Hills, Ark Hills and Toranomon Hills. Now, the developer has announced plans to build an 8.1-hectare eco-friendly space that will soon become an immense hub connecting these three sectors.

Called the Toranomon-Azabudai Project, the construction of this modern urban village is already underway.

The project focuses on the well-being of visitors and residents, designing a landscape that allows people to seamlessly transition between living, working, and entertainment. Facilities like spas, fitness clubs, food markets, snazzy restaurants, and lush gardens will be scattered throughout the area, creating a fantastic living environment for the 3,500 people that will take up residence here.

2.4 hectares in the center of the modern urban village will be dedicated to greenery, allowing people to relax with a cup of coffee, have a picnic and chill out in style. What a rare commodity in a place like Tokyo.

Like all previous “Hills” projects, an immense Mori Tower will provide office space for some 20,000 workers.

The Toranomon-Azabudai Project is scheduled to be completed by 2023 and is expected to attract over 30 million annual visitors, forming an economic and culture-rich hub that will set the bar high for future developers.

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