Hyundai Motor to introduce 17 green buses, trucks by 2025

Hyundai Motor will release 17 electrified trucks and buses by 2025 in a bid to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles.

Also, the company premiered the Pavise medium-large size truck and the electrified version of its County minibus, expanding its commercial vehicle portfolio.

“Hyundai Motor will pursue its commercial vehicle strategy on two tracks,” said Lim Chung-hwan, head of Hyundai Motor Commercial Vehicle Development Center 2, during the Hyundai Truck and Bus Business Fair in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.

“For heavy-duty trucks and long-distance buses, we will apply hydrogen fuel cell technologies and use electrified midsize trucks and other commercial vehicles so they can exploit the urban electric vehicle infrastructure.”

According to Lim, the company will roll out seven electric vehicles and 10 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2025, so the company’s commercial vehicle portfolio will be more eco-friendly. Of those 17 vehicles, six will be trucks and 11 will be buses.

As part of its efforts to expand its eco-friendly commercial vehicle portfolio, Hyundai Motor Commercial Vehicle Business Division Executive Vice President Lee In-cheol said the company will export 10 fuel cell electric trucks to Switzerland in December and plans to sell 1,600 hydrogen powered trucks there by 2025.

“Following Switzerland, we will expand our commercial vehicle business all across Europe,” Lee said. “At the same time, we will make efforts to successfully meet the domestic demand for eco-friendly commercial vehicles.”

As part of this initiative, the company unveiled the electrified version of its County minibus. The County models are widely used as school and local minibuses.

The County EV can travel up to 200 kilometers on a single charge and the 128-killowatt hour battery can be fully charged in 72 minutes.

Hyundai Motor said the fuel cost for the EV version is expected to be nearly a-third of that of the current diesel model.

Along with the County EV, the company unveiled the Pavise truck, saying it now has a full line up ranging from small- to heavy-duty trucks.

The company described the Pavise truck as a medium-large sized truck, placing it between the company’s midsize Mega Truck and heavy-duty Xcient.

The Pavise is able to carry between 5.5 tons and 13.5 tons, so it can transport a variety of cargo ranging from food and commodities to industrial machineries.

While unveiling the Pavise, Hyundai Motor revealed 10 variants of the truck, including fire engines, garbage trucks and cranes, saying it was designed to be easily compatible with various specialty vehicle equipment.

“The Pavise provides the practicality of the Mega Truck, and the heavy load of the Xcient at the same time,” Lee said.

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