Noise-Detecting Radar System in Paris

Certain areas of Paris will have a ‘noise radar’ for cars that are excessively loud. The ‘noise radar’ will also be implemented in the suburbs of the city, including Villeneuve-le-Roi.

The system was created by Bruitparif and it has the capability to detect loud vehicles and ticket the driver.

The noise-detecting radar is able to use microphones in four different locations to determine where the sound is coming from. Noise is then connected to CCTV footage to determine which car is the one in violation of noise restrictions. Currently, the system has been constructed in 40 locations, including 17 that were put in use around important locations.

The system has been in a trial for two years, however, it is not used to distribute fines yet.

The testing process will determine appropriate noise levels that should result in a fine.

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