‘Better McDonald’s’ is Introducing Wooden Spoons & Edible Cups

For a limited time in June, those who visited the McDonald’s location inside the Mall of Berlin—a concept called The Better McDonald’s Store—had the chance to experience an eco-friendly experience from the fast food company.

The restaurant served only burgers in grass-based packaging and McFlurries with wooden spoons at the plastic-free pop-up concept.

As well as seeing plastic-free packaging and wooden cutlery, visitors were familiarized with paper straws, condiments and sauces in edible cups and Chicken McNuggets served in paper bags.

On-site, McDonald’s was able to test out a variety of waste-reducing alternatives to single-use plastic and receive valuable customer feedback on its efforts.

With The Better McDonald’s Store, Diana Wicht, the Sustainability Department Head for McDonald’s Germany, states: “Normally, McDonald’s goes out with perfect solutions.

This time we said, ‘We don’t have perfect solutions yet… please help us!”

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