• $150

Eco-friendly wireless earbuds.

The new House of Marley truly wireless earbuds feature an eco-friendly design.

Titled Liberate Air, the pair is made out of bamboo and recycled material. Specifically, the design features eco-friendly bamboo, natural wood fiber composite, recyclable aluminum and plastic from recycled bottles.

The Liberate Air can provide users with nine hours of listening and up to 32 total hours. Users are able to access controls on the pair, including play, pause and skipping features, as well as call acceptance features, which can all be accessed using the earbuds buttons.

Google Assistant or Siri functions can also be accessed on the pair.

The new House of Marley Headphones are currently available for a $150 price point.

Available on GrendzStore , product link: https://amzn.to/34LwN2u