The Capsulier Lite Lets Users Create Their Own Nespresso Pods

Designed as a companion tool for the immensely popular Nespresso machine, the Capsulier Lite lets owners create their own coffee pods, instead of relying on store-bought offerings.

The Capsulier Lite houses these coffee concoctions in reusable stainless steel pods, which can be easily filled with unique blends of coffee and aromatics.

The machine handles all the filling, ensuring each pod will work perfectly with the machine.

To operate the machine, users simply need to fill the machine with coffee grounds, then just pull a lever on the side.

The Capsulier Lite also works with tea and works out to be seven times cheaper than purchasing Nespresso pods.

The reusable nature of the Capsulier pods drastically cut down on the waste caused by the machine.

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