A fleet management system for electric bus

Hyundai Motor and KT have jointly developed a fleet management system for electric transit buses in Korea and will apply the system to buses in Seoul within this year.

According to Hyundai Motor, the system will provide real-time tracking of electric buses’ location, battery status and operation history, as well as collecting big data.

The system was developed through a collaboration in platform technology between the two companies.

In the system, an electric bus management function allows the operator to monitor buses’ battery charging status, temperature, available distance and other key functions of the vehicles in real time.

This data will be integrated in the system so the operator can manage buses more efficiently.

The location tracking function allows the operator to collect location data of each vehicle and adjust buses’ allocation time. It will also help the operator to identify a vehicle’s location more easily in the case of an accident.

The digital tachograph management function analyzes each vehicle’s driving data to provide information on whether the driver is running the vehicle safely and efficiently.

Hyundai Motor said it will enable the operator to better manage the fleet through efficient vehicle and route allocation, diagnosis of malfunction data and prevention of traffic violations, thus contributing to a safe and advanced driving environment.

The carmaker will apply the system to 14 electric buses currently operating in Seoul first and upcoming ones for the city later this year.

The system will be applied to all electric transit buses across Korea later on.

“The fleet management system will help create a satisfying outcome for both driver and passengers,” a Hyundai Motor official said. “We will continue to work to expand the infrastructure of electric buses.”

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