Battle for 8K TV hegemony escalating

The tit-for-tat fight for the hegemony of TV technology has continued to escalate as the world’s No. 2 TV maker LG Electronics has filed an anti-trust complaint against the leader Samsung Electronics, claiming the latter misled consumers with false ads.

LG announced Friday that it filed the complaint with the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) saying Samsung’s advertisements about QLED TVs may cause confusion among consumers as they could be interpreted as the TVs being equipped with self-emitting backlighting systems even though they actually are not.

“We reported Samsung to the FTC and the complaint states Samsung has misled consumers in a deceptive manner because their QLED TV is a sort of LCD TV that does require a separate backlight to illuminate the display,” an LG official said.

LG added Samsung should be punished for conducting deceptive marketing practices. “Due to the advancement of technology, consumers are not able to make rational consumption choices unless manufacturers offer correct information on their products,” the official added.

In response, Samsung downplayed the claim saying it has led the global TV market for 13 straight years, being recognized for its product quality by consumers.

“At a time when companies are facing growing business uncertainties at home and abroad, being engaged in a time-consuming debate could create turmoil for consumers and on markets. Samsung will stand firm against this groundless claim,” Samsung said.

“Samsung unveiled the QLED TVs using our quantum dot technology and has led the global TV market for 13 consecutive years after being recognized for its product quality. As a dominant leader in the TV market, we will continue to strive to offer innovative products and services to consumers,” the company added.

The world’s No. 2 maker began the fight in early September during the IFA tech fair held in Berlin, holding a press conference to state that Samsung’s 8K TV didn’t meet with the standards set by an international standard-setting body.

It also conducted a side-by-side comparison during the show, putting its 8K NanoCell TV and Samsung’s QLED 8K TV together at its booth to let visitors experience the difference.

On Tuesday, the two TV rivals each held a tech session to explain why their TVs are better than the other.

Nam Ho-jun, director of LG’s home entertainment research center played down the quality of Samsung’s 8K TV saying “it cannot be categorized as 8K TV in terms of resolution because Samsung’s products failed to have a certain number of contrast modulation values.”

In response, Yong Seok-woo, vice president of Samsung’s visual display division, said “8K TV’s quality should be evaluated considering various factors, including brightness, color and signal processing capabilities.”

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