The ‘SELPIC’ Printer Prints Imagery, Text and More on Any Surface

The ‘SELPIC’ printer is a handheld device that enables users to print an array of content onto any surface they wish to expand their professional and/or creative capabilities.

The printer has a resolution of 600dpi and boasts a printing speed of 300mm/s to make it an effective option for labeling or an array of other creative projects.

A cartridge with a 30ml capacity keeps the unit printing for extended jobs before requiring replacement ink to be integrated into the handheld appliance.

The ‘SELPIC’ printer can be used with one of nine ink cartridge color options and can print onto almost any surface including paper, plastic, wood, CDs, glass, clothing and much more.

The device is compatible for use with Android and iOS devices, and supports any language input.

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