Fujifilm Announces 12TB ‘LTO-8’ Magnetic Tape

Fujifilm Corp announced “Fujifilm LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridge,” a new product supporting the LTO-8 (the eighth-generation “LTO Ultrium” magnetic tape standard).

The maximum capacity, capacity at the time of compression and data transmission speed of the new product are 12 Tbytes, 30 Tbytes and 360MBps, respectively.

Magnetic tapes, which are suited for the backup of a large amount of data and long-term data storage (archives), are considered as things of the past in Japan.

However, there are high demands for magnetic tapes outside Japan such as in the US and other countries where big data are actively used. Fujifilm is the world’s largest manufacturer of magnetic tapes, and most of the magnetic tapes manufactured by the company are exported.

The maximum capacity of the LTO-8-compatible magnetic tape is twice as large as that of Fujifilm’s LTO-7 magnetic tape (previous-generation product).

The LTO-8 cartridge houses a 960m-long magnetic tape. On the surface of the 1.265cm-wide tape, there are 6,656 tracks for recording data. And the magnetic head is capable of reading and writing on 32 tracks at the same time.

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