LG Uplus develops smart parking control service

LG Uplus, the nation’s smallest mobile carrier, has developed a smart parking control service based on the narrowband long-term evolution (LTE) technology.

The telecom company said Monday it started testing the service at its fifth-generation technology test center in Sangam-dong, western Seoul. The telecom said it would expand its services by tapping into industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies such as remote parking control and smart lighting systems based on diverse LTE frequency bandwidths.

“Starting from the smart parking control service, we plan to apply the narrowband LTE technology to industrial IoT devices including corporate electricity meters and security systems that can cover wide areas with little energy consumption,” LG Uplus stated.

The smart parking control collects information from sensors attached to parking lots and delivers it to users’ smartphones or personal computers through the LTE network, enabling services such informing motorists about available parking spaces.

The company said the industrial IoT technology applied to the smart parking control service uses the narrowband LTE to support remote control. This is different from home IoT technology which is based on wireless local area networks such as Wi-Fi.

The narrowband LTE technology can connect industrial IoT devices using “narrow” frequency bandwidth under 200 kilohertz. This means it can provide wider service coverage range, lower latency, cheaper device price and more device connections, the company said.

In particular, LG Uplus said it is working to establish what it calls the NB-LTE Open Laboratory to develop products and services based on the narrowband network and test them for commercialization.

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