AquaTelligent Helps to Conserve Water, Energy and CO2

AquaTelligent is a smart shower add-on that’s currently being introduced to the world on Kickstarter as a simple way to conserve valuable resources like water, energy and money.

According to the creators of AquaTelligent, “showers use up to 25% of your yearly water and energy bill,” and the savings that can be experienced by using the attachment is equivalent to roughly planting 20 and 80 trees per year.

For many people, it’s become a habit to wait for the shower to become warm before stepping under the spray of water but AquaTelligent tells users when the shower is warm, preventing needless waiting.

The smart shower add-on also includes an indicator to show how much water has been consumed or how long a person has been showering.

AquaTelligent can also be connected to a smartphone to show the water, energy and costs incurred and saved.

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