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Sega is going for an Olympic gold

It’s only a year until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but if you can’t wait and already have Olympic fever, then why not spend the summer competing in the games virtually?

Tokyo 2020 Olympics: The Official Video Game allows players to try out an array of sports — including track and field, table tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, baseball, soccer, basketball, boxing and more. There are more than 15 different sports, making this a great all-rounder for any games lovers — Olympics fans or not — who want to find out what it feels like to be an athlete.

The game is being published by Sega, which is also releasing a new Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games title later this year to celebrate the Tokyo Olympics. Since 2007, Sega has released a handful of comical and cute Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games titles, which may appeal to younger players. Tokyo 2020 Olympics: The Official Video Game is more realistic-looking, but it’s still not a realistic sports sim.

Players can, however, make fully customized avatars and put themselves in the action, going for gold within a faithful renderings of the new National Stadium and Tokyo Aquatics Centre.

You can even play around with the range of avatar outfits — who wouldn’t, for example, want to see someone jump hurdles in a BMX racing helmet?

Priced at ¥5,389, Tokyo 2020 Olympics: The Official Video Game has been released in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. An English release (Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game) is upcoming.

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