Toshiba to launch consortium with 100 firms over connected devices

Toshiba Corp said Tuesday it will launch a consortium with some 100 companies in Japan to develop new services using connected devices and ultrafast next-generation networking technology.

“We need to create a world where not just one particular company holds on to data but (several companies) collaborate,” Toshiba Corporate Vice President Taro Shimada told a press conference in Tokyo, calling for collaboration on internet of things technologies.

Carrier SoftBank Corp, utility Tokyo Gas Co, and major electronics makers Kyocera Corp and Denso Corp are among the firms expected to participate, the Japanese electronics conglomerate said.

IoT services include industrial machines at a factory transmitting data about the production process, household appliances being controlled remotely by smartphones, and wearable devices equipped with sensors tracking and sending information about the human body.

Toshiba itself has started a service called “ifLink” for smartphones that enables people to connect with home appliances or motion sensor devices.

Toshiba aims to launch the consortium, named “ifLink Open Community,” in the fiscal year starting April 2020.

IoT services are further expected to expand in the future with the launch of the ultrafast next-generation 5G mobile communications networks next year in Japan.

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