The HomeBiogas

In the wake of climate change, many of us are trying to live more sustainable lives and the upgraded model of the HomeBiogas can help you reduce your carbon emissions and food waste simultaneously.

The anaerobic bio-digester can fit into your backyard and uses organic waste to turn it into biogas that can be used for cooking or as a rich liquid fertilizer.

The upgrade HomeBiogas is 30 percent more efficient in producing the gas than its predecessors and has been redesigned to be easier to assemble. It boasts only four parts: the inlet, the outlet, the digester, and the gas bag. This allows users to install the device at home in approximately two hours.

The HomeBiogas system is ideal for people looking to live an “off-grid” or a zero waste lifestyle. Additionally, the device has been “distributed by aid organizations worldwide to improve the quality of life for families reliant on charcoal and wood in countries including Cameroon, Ghana, and Guatemala.”

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