The Sustainable Vanguard Line

Eco-Products, a wholesaler for sustainable takeout containers for restaurants, coffee shops, or office kitchens, recently won the first place award for Innovation in Manufacturing in the 10th bi-annual Foodservice Packaging Awards competition for its Vanguard line of compostable plates and containers.

“We are very proud that Eco-Products has been honored for innovation in manufacturing for our new Vanguard line,” said Sarah Martinez, Director of Marketing for Eco-Products. “Vanguard is one more way Eco-Products provides our customers with options they can’t get anywhere else.

The reaction from the marketplace has been incredibly positive.”

The Vanguard line is completely biodegradable and made from sugarcane to ensure the packaging is grease-resistant without using traditional chemical methods.

The line currently offers 10-inch round palates, 9-inch single-compartment clamshell, a three-compartment 10-inch plate, and a three-compartment 9-inch clamshell.

The company is hoping to expand its selection shortly.

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