A Cruelty-Free Leather Made from Cactus

In years past, those wishing to avoid purchasing genuine leather products have been limited to options like pleather but a range of cruelty-free leather alternatives are emerging that are made with everything from banana and pineapple fiber to apples and mushrooms.

Now, Desserto is making its mark as a first-of-its-kind organic leather made from the prickly pear, or nopal, cactus.

The material is partially biodegradable, flexible, durable and a suitable replacement for both animal leather and synthetic materials.

Notably, the innovative, comfortable and cruelty-free vegan material is also breathable, which makes it comparable to the way animal leather performs.

The cactus or nopal vegan leather was developed to meet the specific mechanical technical demands needed for producing items across the fashion, furniture and automotive industries.

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